Siemens Energy Heat Pump

Siemens Energy

I am one of those who adore their jobs. It´s not something I say, but something I mean. I have been working in so many places where I wasn´t happy or valued. I know it´s really hard to get your dream job. But I have found it and got it and for that I´m super thankful. So what do I do? I do marketing for the Heat Pump division in Siemens Energy. What is a heat pump? I will answer that question in this article that I did. Read it here.  I post jobs on social media and I like to create new content for it.

One of the things I do is to come up with ideas for merch for Heat Pump. In this exclusive collection I got the idea to make them in shapes of an impeller. I managed to get it 3d printed in plastic and then I created the mold it and created it myself. I think it turned out the way I wanted, even though it took me over 20 molds to get it right. Since I spend most of my days in front of the screen it´s really nice to be able to work with my hands and create something. To be a jewelry designer on working hours is really amazing and as always I hope this design will give great value to our customers and the people that receive it, as a memory gift or as a retirement gift  from the company. These are not for sale. It's custom made for Siemens Energy only. 

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