Organic Beauty by Alea Karin

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Karin W Hellström

Professional Marketer in Siemens Energy at day, Entrepreneur Alea Karin at night.

 "I write songs I want to sing, I design jewelry I want to wear, I make products I want to use, I build networks I want to join, I create books that can transform and inspire people, I promote services I find useful, I teach people how to make money online.

My great hope is that I this way can give you value "

On this site I showcase some of my projects that I currently work on. 

All the best! / Karin

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Organic Beauty By Alea Karin

Natural and organic Skincare
Introducing - Organic & Vegan Skincare with amazing scents at a great price.
I've been looking for this kind of product for a while but I couldn't find it. So I made my own collection.

A few years later here we are. Skin care that is good for your daily use. With recyclable packaging!

Hope you will enjoy it!
XOXO / Alea Karin