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Build yourself a Bank - Become a daytrader.

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Disclaimer: I’m not a millionaire, yet. I’m just a girl who figured out a way to make some money trading and I’m ready to share this with you. I’m really enjoying it but doing this for a few months. I understand more and more that you need to have a method and stick to it. Do not let the market get to you. DO your thing and get out. You won’t win every day. But if you win more than you lose you can actually make some money. Figure out a strategy that works for you. What I realised is that it’s nice to have a group that you can relate to and share your trades with. So that’s why invite you to my group in my course, so you can belong somewhere. We will show you much trade from our demo account? Why? Because that where you should start to make trades before you invest as well. Everything you learn in demo you can apply in real trades. 

This is not financial advice and no guarantee that you will win. I do my thing and you do yours. But if you want to learn my method you are welcome to go my course. What you will do with the information is then up to you. This course in non-refundable, what’s been seen can’t be unseen. This is a monthly subscription, but you can end it any time you want after one month.  My team and I are active in our group, but I don’t believe spending time on social media gives me much pleasure. So if you write something and we don’t respond there is simply because we don’t really respond to questions from outsiders. We don’t give free advice OR respond to hate or questions of our trading method. If people want to know, get the course. I believe minimizing social media gives you a better balance in life, if you still want to see the news I suggest you look at our YouTube where we will add a movie of the headlines of each day. 

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