Guest Blogging

Why me?

I am like no one you have ever come across. 
My creativity will blow your mind and I know exactly what to write to attract other people. Because I write the way I am. And I can basically charm anyone I want IF i decide to. I am genuine, true and honest. I only write about stuff I know about and I do my research well.
I have a bachelor degree in human geography from Sweden, I can speak Swedish, English and Thai and if you challenge me a few french words. I have worked both in healthcare at IKEA and The Swedish Church. I have lived 7,5 years in Thailand, 4 of them in Bangkok. When I moved there I didn't know anyone. I loved it, the best challenge of my life. I created an amazing life that I'm very proud of and it's also where I met my husband. Fun fact ; We couldn't speak when we met because he didn't know a word of English. So I had to learn thai, so here we are about 13 years later, 2 kids , one happy marriage and a lifetime of happiness together. 
My background is filled with music and I have been singing and touring with Asia's no 1 female dj, been MC in many different clubs and sung alongside many great known and unknown persons. I love it and the world of music is truly magic. 
When I was a first time mother 5 years ago , me and my friend  started singing in a long group with refugee moms in our local church. In this way they could get out of the house, learning swedish songs and meeting new people. Breaking their isolation in a new country. They still meet once a week. Now I'm planning for my own charity with Indian girls, and I am also working for the government as a mentor to a young female. I love to empower women!
I love to write to express myself, giving people some advice along the way. Making 9-5 life a bit happier. For me I have no problem with that life, simply because I love life and I am at that time in my life when I have a great job and amazing co workers and in the evening when the kids are asleep I can write or whatever else I choose. 
It's all about balance. Find it and you will have to problem finding the time to workout, or losing weight or whatever. If you find the balance you don't see your situation as a bad or a punishment to do or don't do something. It will become a lifestyle and that's all it takes to change something. Easy? Probably not. But I've been there, I've been poor, I've been in a bad relationship, I've been out of shape etc… I know what it's like to struggle. I don't have everything i want, BUT from many others I am so grateful for what I have. If you are not happy over what you have, how can you be happier when you have more?
So I challenge you. Give me a topic and I will do the rest. Looking forward to hearing from you. / ALEA


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