The Alea Karin Foundation

Give back

This year 2020 its been 35 years since I was adopted from India to Sweden, so its my time to give back.

I have decided to found The Alea Karin Foundation, each year this foundation will give a grant to a female student

at the School of Bethania Home nr 1, Chopda India,  my first home and the reason that Im alive today.

The most powerful thing in the world is a woman. If you give her freedom and education she can be unstoppable.

Her mind can give her the life that she wants and her body can reproduce children if she wants. 

Give every girl the freedom to decide what they want to become. Give the education and give them hope.

My wish is that this grant can give students hope for a life that they want.

I dont expect anything else than these girls want to follow their dream in whatever field that might be.

/ Alea Karin

The grant will be given yearly to different students.

More info will be here soon.

/Alea Karin



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